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chevrolet venture headlight assembly

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Chevrolet Venture Replacement Headlights

Chevrolet was founded by a Swiss race car driver and automotive engineer in 1911, there was turmoil between Louis Chevrolet and co-founder William C. Durant and Durant was ousted for a period of five years before resolving them and becoming president of GM. Today, Chevrolet is one of the many divisions of GM which is the number two automaker worldwide.

When the Chevrolet Venture debuted in 1997, it was at the top of its class, with crisp steering and nimble handling, a sliding driver-side door, and two wheelbases. Though, over the years, other minivans had caught on to the innovated design and craftsmanship, which eventual lead to its discontinued production after eight short years.

If your headlight isn’t giving off as much light as it used to, it could be suffering from far more than cosmetic damage. The fog or film that accumulates on the inside indicates that moisture has found a way in, and is weakening the integrity of the wires and transistors, interrupting the power flow, which could produce a power surge that will eventually blow out your headlight.

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