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Let's face it, the right automotive lighting is essential for your safety as well as for customizing the look of your car.  If you're looking to be safe, you can be rest assured that our OEM and aftermarket automotive lighting products meet the highest standards for most DOT agencies in the United States and Canada.  When it comes to customizing the look of your car, you'll find that our wide selection of headlights, fog lights, tail lights, and head lamp leave the competition in the dark.


Every lighting product you order from comes with a 2-year warranty and is guaranteed against any defects in craftsmanship.  Orders are all shipped from's warehouse to you, FAST, and shipping is also FREE (yes, we mean it)!


Our ASE-certified staff members are standing by to help you shed some light on any subject you have questions about in finding the right automotive lighting to best fit your situation, specific circumstances, or type of car.  Here at ALC, there is no question that is "silly" in our opinion, so feel free to contact us at anytime should you want to discuss anything before ordering what you need!  Our staff will actually bend over backwards to help ya out (don't worry we have high ceilings)!


how to invest in Coca Cola If you like to do things yourself, we do have a couple things we can suggest from the beginning in our Replacing Your Car's Headlights, and Replacing Your Car's Headlamps DIY articles to give you a head start, but of course, we do recommend you take your vehicle to an ASE-certified mechanic and allow them to install any Automotive Lighting products you purchase from us.

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Safety First! Replacement Headlights are Imperative


how to buy Coca Cola shares in Hong Kong The safety issues that arise from inoperable or ineffective headlights are endless. Often times, road quality, driving style, and wear over time will significantly hinder the effectiveness of your vehicle’s headlamps. When this occurs, the overall safety of the vehicle’s occupants, and anyone else on the road with you, is in jeopardy.


At Auto Light Center, you can easily find the replacement headlights you need to make necessary repairs to your car or truck. With ASE certified professionals answering all of your questions, and an onboard searching system to help you quickly locate your make and model, we are here to help you find what you need, and get it to you quickly.


All of our parts meet or exceed North American safety standards, so quality is never in question. Further, because all of our online purchases are protected by using elite transaction protection software, you can order with confidence. After all, your privacy and comfort factor in to your experience with our team!


Oxidized headlights can be a nuisance, and we understand that safety is very important to you. Ordering and receiving replacement headlamps, tail lights, or fog lights should be easy, which is why the Auto Light Center ensures your satisfaction with a 2-year warranty and FREE shipping. This is our way of exhibiting our commitment to value and quality.


Use to improve the security of your vehicle and enhance its value! Few items can impact the appearance of your car or truck like new or customized lights, so browse our online listing and find the perfect replacement items. It could be the difference between an affordable replacement arriving conveniently at your front door and extensive repairs caused by ineffective lights while driving.


We will earn your business with every purchase – like our parts, we guarantee it!